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Kathy McGraw

Kathy McGraw


Kathy and her husband, Dave moved to Rabun County in 2019, after a 12 year stay in Charleston, SC. They hail from Iowa where they raised their four children and currently have nine grand-children ages 7 thru 21. Kathy was born, raised and worked on their family dairy farm (along with her parents and eight brothers and sisters) where she learned business first hand. She is a retired Executive Administrator and enjoys volunteering, gardening, macramé, and jewelry making.

Kathy became a member of the POH Board of Directors in October, 2020 in the capacity of Treasurer. Keeping track of the funds is second nature to her as she previously worked in an accounting office for over a dozen years and is also educated in computer programming and accounting analysis.

“Foster care has been dear to my heart as we became involved in the foster care system in 2004. Becoming a foster home opened my eyes to all that goes on behind the scenes and especially what the foster children go through. We actually took in an 8 year old child the day after Christmas as he had nowhere to go and the government system had nowhere to keep him. Place of Hope offers this much needed service of transitional care for the kids who are entering foster care. POH also offers care of foster families, a nonthreatening place for visitation and much, much more. The caring community in Rabun County is top notch and I am extremely honored to be a part of this blessed ministry.”

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