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I.M.P.A.C.T. Team

As the Derrick Street home opens this year, we are beginning to train volunteers.  The volunteers at the house will be available/on call for when Department of Family and Child Services (DFCS) has custody of a child/children.  The DFCS caseworker will be able to bring the child to PoH immediately.  While at Place of Hope, the caseworker will have the space to do what is needed in order to coordinate placement for the child(ren) while the our volunteers take care of the child(ren).  The volunteer will never be alone at the house with the child(ren).  A DFCS caseworker will always be present and maintain custody. Place of Hope Volunteers are there to watch after/tend to/love on the child(ren).  This will include: feeding, helping with homework, washing clothes and putting them in suitcases, making sure they have all that is needed for the next 48 hrs, reading books, playing games, watching TV and listening.

Siblings Playing Together

If you would like to sign up for training and to volunteer or if you have questions, just fill out the form below. Feel free to give us a call at (706) 982-1343.  Thank you!

Volunteer Registration

Care Communities

Care Communities
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Why Care Communities?

Parents who foster or adopt need to know they’ll be well-supported when a child arrives in their home. Children in foster care, as well as adopted children, have unique needs and require intentional focus from their new parents. Supporting these families in practical, hands-on ways provides a healthier context for a child’s transition into their new home.

Place of Hope trains churches to create and maintain volunteer-led Care Communities that provide a strong support system for foster and adoptive families.

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