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What's Happening

Economic uncertainties and drug abuse are among the primary issues straining families in rural America. As a result, more children are living in tenuous circumstances, which necessitates removal from their birth families and placement into Foster Care. With your help, we are here to aid in the foster system. The Lord has already been answering prayers and needs and we have already received funding for the entire remodel budget!

Our Current Focus

Place of Hope’s primary focus is on providing the following services:

  • Court-ordered visitation for reunification of families. We’ve joint ventured with Habersham Family Resource Center to provide visitations.

  • Partnering with First Impressions for a supply closet for foster children and DFCS caseworkers.

  • Respite care for foster parents to refresh for their vital work.

  • Transitional support for children taken into custody prior to being placed in a foster home.


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